Little Love Notes

In March of 2017 till now, people from around the world took place in an initiative of DHI called The Little Love Notes Project. People were asked to submit their entries expressing that DHI’s love for the IDPs has reached their location in the world. This project was aimed at creating awareness of Internal Displacement not only in Nigeria but across the world.

We believe that the solution to most if not all our problems in the world today can be fixed if we all made sure to love one another and ourselves.

We will still accept entries to this project if you are really interested. Simply use the examples below to create your own Little Love Note and send it to any of our social media platforms,

Twitter: @dhi_nigeria

Instagram: DHI_Nigeria


We urge you today to carry out an act of love ad kindness every day and to inspire people to do the same.

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-DHI Approved

Credits to the makers of these little love notes. Thank you for your support.

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