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It all started on the 19th day of February 2018. It would be my first time attending an outreach and to be honest, I came with no expectation whatsoever. The first thing that hit me as I entered the camp was the radiance on the faces of the 1st set of people I came in contact with. These are supposed to be people who have nothing and are being taken care of by kind-spirited humanitarians, I said to myself. The outreach began and as I saw each person with their smiles and contentment, I felt happy to be part of their own world and help put smiles on their faces. Here were people displaced with nothing to call theirs, happy and optimistic about life. This experience opened my heart in so many ways. First, it made me realize that I could actually do more for the society and there were a lot of people who needed help in various communities. It also made me finally come to terms with the aftermath of the attacks by the terrorist attacks on various communities in Borno state and how it has affected them. I have also learnt about hard work, determination and selfless service from the organizer, Dr. Nkechi. The logistics behind planning the outreach was well executed as the outreach was a huge success. The outreach was a weekend well spent as well as a great experience for me, and I look forward to other outreach activities organized by DHI in the nearer future.Happy child smiling.JPGorange smiles.JPGDSC_0069.JPG

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