From Grace

About the Outreach
Being at this community service and serving at the *IDP camp is one of the best things I’ve experienced in life. I can barely describe the feeling. It was inspiring, fulfilling and   satisfying. I have never really experienced the joy that comes from giving your self to the service of others until I came here. The most beautiful thing was seeing the radiating smiles on the faces of the IDPs…no feeling beats that!!!
Knowing that the chances that these people have to repay you is almost nonexistent makes it more awesome.
I was humbled when I saw these people. Even with all they’ve been through still radiating with a lot of faith and hope in their eyes. It gave me a new sense of gratitude. I saw that I had more than enough reasons to be thankful and joyful.
I am grateful to God for the opportunity to give myself and my time to the service of those most in need. You don’t need to have all the wealth in the world to make a difference! Because the most appreciated thing in life are not even things that money can buy. It could just be a smile, your time or a word of encouragement.
‘Never say there’s nothing that you can do to make a difference because there’s a lot out there that needs to be done.’
About the Team
The **DHI 2017 team is an amazing team which consist of individuals with beautiful souls. When I met with the team members from ***Lagos, I felt a little bit odd because I thought all the team members knew themselves before coming because the bond, freedom and unity was deep. Little did I know that most of the team members were just meeting each other for the very first time. It was beautiful to see such communion, love and dedication among people that barely knew each other. I was amazed and humbled when I realized that most of the team members were meeting for the very first time. I became more open and began to also bond with my team members.
Working together with joy and happiness added more beauty ad joy to the various task being carried out.
 I can say that it was indeed an awesome and jaw-dropping experience. Looking forward to working with the DHI team in service projects to come. You guys are the real deal!!!
* Internally Displaced Persons
**Doctors Health Initiative
***A city in Nigeria, West Africa
Written by Grace A.
Volunteer, DHI.

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