From Dr. Chizaram

My Benin *IDP Camp Health Outreach experience was the most intense, humbling, satisfactory and eye-opening experience I have ever been through. Being a pharmacist and public health practitioner, you read these things in articles, papers, blogs and even get some clips on TV some times, but nothing prepares you for the front stage and on site feeling.



You go through a range of emotions all at the same time. I am very glad I was a part of  this trip and worked with some of the most inspiring people I have met. We come from different cultures and backgrounds but with a common goal of bringing love, hope, help and encouragement to this population of people in desperate need of it.



I learnt early in life that the world is in serious need of doses of love and kindness, and i am glad I got to share my fair bit.
Amidst all experiences, comes the pleasant and not so pleasant but I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. My most inspiring part of the trip will be having among us young ones, who traded in their possible fun time out with friends and possibly more to come make a difference and lend a helping hand. It gives you faith that maybe their is still hope for genuine love and sacrifice in the midst of our warring world.
While on the field, I only just wished we had enough resources and medications to administer to every single case presented by a patient.

Truly, I might never find the best words to capture the experience but I am very grateful I had such opportunity and I look forward to doing more of such works.


Thank you.

*Internally Displaced Persons

Written  by Dr. Chizaram

Volunteer, DHI

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