IDP outreach of DHI with the Preventive Dentistry Department of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)

It was a sun-filled day.

Trainee dentists of the Preventive Dentistry Department of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) and volunteers filled the settlement with equipment.

Some members of Doctors Health Initiative ( DHI) were overseeing the project to make sure things started off smoothly. 

The internally displaced women, children and men looked eagerly upon what was being offered. There were kids wailing at their already tired mothers. 

As food was provided, their wails surprisingly began ceasing.

Cheerfully, women began to relax as their teeth were being taken care of by student doctors.

They conversed with their peers and smiled more.

The dentists could not have made any more impacts on these lives.

Work kept on, as more displaced persons came by to register and be attended to. 

It was a success!

 The dental care came to an end successfully and it was all I could inhale in the ambience… a feeling of being cared for from each smile of the displaced members. 

Thank you Preventive Dentistry Department of LUTH!!!

Thank you Doctors Health Initiative!!!

Written by Nkechi Ikoh

-DHI Approved

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