Who Are We?

Who am I? I’m just a teenage girl with hopes, dreams and aspirations for myself and the world. Just a girl who believes in love, equality and peace. Just a girl with many flaws, yet many strengths. I’m just a girl who has somehow been lucky enough to have an education, clothing on my back, a place to come home to and many other gifts not everyone is blessed with.
Who are they? They are men, women and children ripped from their homes and families. They are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. They mean everything to some yet nothing to others. They have seen, experienced and felt things many of us could never imagine, yet smile like most of us never have. They are people just like everyone, who deserve to love and be loved. They are Internally Displaced Persons, living in camps and praying for a better tomorrow.


Who are we? We are human beings with beating hearts, capable of influencing and changing lives. We are capable of leaping, falling, succeeding, failing, crying, smiling and so much more.


We have the ability to speak up against injustice and help those who need it. When we are capable of so much, why are we doing so little? When we are capable of loving, why do so many of of us choose to hate? When we all have so many gifts to give this world, why do we refuse to? So once again, I ask, who are we? We are who we choose to be, kind or unkind. We can choose to change someone with a smile. We can choose to change someone with a hug. We can choose to change someone with a conversation. We can choose to change and influence someone or multitudes of people by giving our time.


We all have the choice, may we make the right one.

Written by Fatima Musa

-DHI Approved

3 thoughts on “Who Are We?

    1. Thank you very much on behalf of Fatima, Vanessa. Thank you for your read, as well. We look forward to reading your comments in future. Happy New Year in advance!


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