Mens Sana In Corpore Sano

The first time I ever heard this phrase I was a thirteen year old in a Physical Education class. I remember my teacher, Mr. Madu was talking about the Olympic Games and he explained the phrase to mean ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body.’ My recent dictionary search translated it as ‘A sound mind in a sound body.’

What baffles me and secretly delights me is that even as a child starting out on her journey to the turbulent teens (no eye rolling, please), I got the message! We should not only aspire to maintain a body that is pleasing to the human eye (you know those bodies that check all the criteria of Mr. Universe or Miss World) but also give thought to what is beyond the physical. Did I hear someone ask why? BECAUSE they both matter in the wellbeing of man. If you really think about it, Mama Wellbeing makes it way easier for man to blossom; to be at his best and to give his best; to bring forth from what is within (this is my Wole Soyinka wanna-be persona kicking in)

There’s a certain wholesomeness of life when we nourish our minds in the same measure we nourish our bodies. We certainly don’t want to harm our bodies, so let’s not also set up our minds for punishment by neglect. In short, take care of your mind and your body.

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano.

Today’s food for thought:  What are you doing to your body? What are you feeding your mind?

**Ogonna Kanu, a DHI volunteer writes in from Lagos

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