The Eleko IDP Camp Outreach

The June outreach was initially planned for Saturday, June 12th but had to be moved to June 19th for security reasons. We had also planned a medical outreach dedicated to the needs of the children of the camp but had to re-organize such plans accommodate the needs of the mothers who we were sure would turn up en masse. The fundraising and logistics team got to work as soon as the date had been settled on. They contacted our doctors, sourced for funds and donations; and organized transportation and feeding. The group of volunteers assigned for the June outreach were quite eager to play their respective roles, such that in spite of the dull morning weather, everyone turned up!

We arrived the camp at noon and set about the business of the day. The makeshift consulting room and pharmacy unit had been set up earlier; and the children’s Sunday school room behind a church cleaned out for our use.

The IDP women and children trooped in from all corners when they heard we had arrived.

Our DHI volunteer and menstrual hygiene expert, Igeme was on hand to continue her sessions with the women in the children’s room.  While consultations were going on with the doctors, she took the opportunity to introduce recyclable sanitary kits and explained its use to the women. At the end of the short session, the kits were shared amongst the women to use. The menstrual hygiene team was assigned the duty of collate information from the group within the next few months. Such information would be useful for the proposed DHI menstrual hygiene projects billed to start at the end of the year. 

The children also had an activity lined up. As part of the DHI donor appreciation week, they were making cards to express their gratitude to the numerous donors who had been contributing to their welfare. They excitedly drew figures and pictures, coloured and decorated cards for every single donor! They wrote in their own words how much they appreciated every contribution and act of kindness towards them. At the end of the activity we had such a beautiful collection of cards. Each donor received a card and a thank you letter as well. It is hard to imagine the pleasant surprise on their faces when they received the cards. They were truly touched at the children’s gesture.

We handed over bags of clothes donated earlier by some of our donors and watched briefly as their leader co-ordinated its distribution among the women.

It was 3pm already when we packed up and waved goodbye with the hope of getting to our destination early enough for volunteers to make their own way back home.

*** For more information on the outreach, you can read our August 2021 DHI newsletter.

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