In celebration of International Women’s Day, DHI is spotlighting Nigerian women who have founded NGOs and social enterprises that are making an impact in Nigerian communities.

Nkechi Cecilia Odebiyi’s Virgins Pride Foundation is totally refreshing. The NGO is interested in raising and building young women who have vowed to pursue chastity and honest living as a lifestyle and family tradition. It encourages abstinence, service to the community, skills and personal development and patriotism. In the past, it has organized purity day celebrations for young people, visits and celebrations for the widows and elderly in the community, skills training programmes and valentine’s day specials. In collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Education, it is currently working to re-introduce reading and learning culture in schools. You can find their activities at:

Serving with Love was founded by 3 women who were moved by the level of poverty among women and children in the society. This NGO serves socially and economically disadvantaged women and children in Nigeria. They provide children, women and families with basic and essential needs and they run a Digital Life After School Programme that equips children from disadvantaged backgrounds with digital skills. You can check them out here:

Pad – Up Creations is the social enterprise brainchild of Olivia Onyemaobi. It was whilst she was on a campaign to raise awareness on sexual abuse against girls/women that she discovered that most females, particularly in the rural areas were having challenges with menstrual hygiene. They resorted to using any and every thing to curb blood flow during their monthly cycles. Olivia’s solution to this dilemma was the creation of re-usable and washable sanitary pads. The pad – up sanitary kit was born! Since its creation, over a million kits have been distributed, not only in Nigeria but in 13 other African countries. Pad-up also means employment for about 93 Nigerians. Check out their activities here:

Temitope Okunnu’s Fabe International Foundation through its programmes (Tidy Nigeria; Ecoschooling; Ecopreneurial training, mentoring and support; training on biogas, upcycling, recycling etc) is trying build a safer, cleaner and greener society where people and industries can thrive. It has as its mission to promote and improve environmental sustainability consciousness and attitudinal change by engaging young people and women in the identification, exploration and facilitation of sustainable eco-solutions to problems caused by the impact of climate change. It wants to create a positive impact on the environment and health of local poor people and biodiversity in Nigeria through advocacy and creative climate-smart solutions. Check out:

Mamamoni Empowerment Foundation is a fintech social enterprise set up by Nkem Okocha. It seeks to close the credit gap for low income female entrepreneurs in rural and urban slum communities in Nigeria. In 2019, with the assistance of Union Bank, the Foundation set up an innovation hub in the Amuwo Odofin area (Lagos State) The hub offers vocational training to low income girls and women in urban slum communities. Since the Foundation’s inception in 2016, over 6,000 women have been provided with micro loans and received basic vocational and financial literacy skills. Learn more at

Cawstem was created as a tribe for African women in Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) by Wamide Animashaun. It aims to help women stay in STEM and fill leadership positions. Members are inspired, supported, mentored and connected to resources, opportunities, events, peers and mentors in STEM.

Joy Life Alagbemi is a determined 14year old who deserves all the support and accolades we can give. She does not run an NGO but as a girl child advocate is way ahead of her peers and making her mark. She lends her voice to the plight of Nigerian girls at every opportunity she gets. Last year, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy, she hosted a webinar tagged ‘Promoting Girl Child Education and Leadership in Nigeria.” She was also the main speaker at the events celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child. She is working to raise awareness and funds for the education of internally displaced children in Abuja. Her global project ‘I Subscribe’ is being organized to promote the rights, growth and development of the girl child. She also has a Whatsapp group where female teenagers (ages 10 – 17) interact and brainstorm solutions to problems they face as girls in the society. Please visit here for more information:

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