From Tolu

Awoken  by a gush of wind
sleep shattered into countless pieces
time frozen
as if a spell has been cast and
all that exists is
me and
the idea of you,

The white and red bus propelled forward,
for hours on end
by a sort of magical force
perhaps by
the idea of you,

To our humble abode,
we arrived
making opinions as we go
settling in,
eyes wide
with hope
maybe of
the idea of you,

In the darkness, we lay
drenched in sweat
*Limax lights let out
eyes staring at the freckled ceiling
bathed in darkness, suddenly submerged in sleep,
the darkness displaced by a beaming ray of light
perhaps by
the idea of you,

the volunteer dreams of
leaf green t-shirts

A perfect fairytale,
most definitely,
the idea of you,
our family from the North.


*Limax – the guest house we stayed in during the outreach

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