Dear Readers,

As the year winds down, we look back on the many blessings we have received with gratitude. Many of these have come to us by way of our education – a basic human right many of us  have enjoyed without hindrance.
 Our story is like that of many in *Nigeria. Yet, in this same land many are attacked under the guise of protesting against Western education. Many lose and have lost their livelihoods, homes and very lives. The terror unleashed by **Boko Haram on communities is not one we can simply imagine or even put a stop to.

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However, we can stand in solidarity with those who have lost everything out of no fault of theirs.
Doctors Health Initiative is organising  a health outreach for the Internally Displaced People on the 8th and 10th of December.
Be part of this initiative; donate generously to help us share love during this Christmas!
Please check out our ‘About’ page for our account details.
Thank you.
-DHI Approved
*A West African country
**A terrorist group based in Nigeria, particularly Northern Nigeria

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